Not generally my bag, but.....

Look at it! It is undoubtedly pretty but normally not the sort of thing I do. I was asked to do something for Christmas for a class , so I did this. It is  GREAT little project for brushing up one's machine quilting technique! I quilted all round all of those little bits with Invisible thread so it is nice and textured but not gaudy with all sorts of thread colours. I am beading it a bit and , as you see, binding it. The binding will be 1/2 inch but still needs turning. I have plans for the four corners too so watch this space. I will post the finished product before sending it to the shop for display.
The whole piece. Obviously a printed panel- by Robert Kaufman.
A little closeup so you can see the quilting and the beads.
Then, There is the Gloriosa, waiting patiently in the wings . It is almost finished except for e few minor touches and then , ready to layer and quilt. I THINK I am happy with it. We'll see.
Not a very nice picture as it is mixed up with the pieces under it but you get the idea. It is coming along well .I will do a bit more on the big centre and then layer it. By next week, I hope it is all done.
I am REALLY hoping to get this done by this time next week so stay tuned, watch this space. I am posting to the I have already visited the site. There are some LOVELY posts there this week! Drop in .


  1. Love the beading extras. Gloriosa is looking really good.

  2. LOL, that's what I said too, but you have done a great job with the panel. I love the hot pink touches on the Gloriosa, they have brought it to life!

  3. I love the Christmas wall's gorgeous:)

  4. I'm not a panel fan either, but you have done a lovely job of making that one it's all applique as well as beading and quilting. As for 'Gloriosa' -- well, it's simply...glorious! Looking forward to seeing it quilted!

  5. The panel looks wonderful - but I know -- ! You did a very good job. and Gloriosa- why did I not see it earlier? It is probably our turbulent life.

  6. I love the Gloriosa. I think you should love it too!