It pays to PERSIST!

It is finished ! Well, the stitching is finished. I still have touchups, facing, sleeve and label to do but to all intents and purposes, it is DONE! Are we a nappy camper? We believe so!! Not fully satisfied, but relatively happy.
Here it is , all stitched and the background quilted. 

Closeup of the biggest bloom
These pictures were done hand held in bad light but I DID want pictures just to prove to myself that I am finished most of this piece.
Detail shots to show you WHY I am tired

More detail

And still more.
The first of the three detail pictures shows the little pebbles I did to suggest the gravel driveway on the original photo. The rest is all straight or slightly curved lines where the twigs and branches of the overhanging Berberis are in the photo. Now, I am ready for my bed. Poor me!

This is Wednesday now and I am no further ahead with this but I do have a sample almost ready for a class I am teaching in November. I am sick !!! :-( I have a sore throat and a cold and I am scheduled to teach for three hours tomorrow AM! Poor me!! Anyway, I AM posting this to the This is a lazy man's way to do it because I posted this earlier this week and some kind people have already commented. However, I decided I would show the rest of the people that it IS finished , all but the actual finishing- i.e., facing, sleeve and label. Please forgive for a lazy post this week.


  1. Wow, amazing piece. Can't wait until I can see it in person!

  2. You really have done a fine job of capturing this lovely flower. Have a great sleep!

  3. What elle said -- it's beautiful!

  4. Wow, it's exceptional. Have a good rest!

  5. Wow, absolutely wonderful - perfect - lovely quilting - everything!!

  6. beautiful beautiful, ever so beautiful!! : )