Sick:-(- but a very new adventure!!

My DH and I have been as sick as dogs for a couple of weeks now. I am not asking for sympathy as I know that the World and his Dog all have IT! I will say YUKKK! though! I think we have single handedly kept the facial tissue manufacturers in business. Ah, well! Could be LOTS worse. We SHALL survive .

The Dear Lord is looking out for us though. I have kept this under my hat for about as long as I can stand it but it is my GREAT pleasure, my GREAT and VERY UNEXPECTED pleasure to announce that, contrary to medical opinion , our Dear Daughter and her husband are expecting a babe next spring!!! The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways :-) We are all thrilled and especially as everything appears to be going splendidly. Healthy Daughter. Strong healthy Babe- a wee boy !! She has just passed the halfway mark so I have been brave and am announcing it publicly. A few of you knew before but now, you all know.

SOOO.... I recently came across a very nice pattern for a bag which I thought would be easy to adapt to a diaper bag. It is a pattern by Indygo Junction called Grids and Grommets and it uses huge, oversized grommets for the strap to pass through. I have made it up exactly as the pattern suggested and when we go south to visit in a month or so, we shall confer regarding the best size and placement for pocketses!! anyway, here it is- a rather sharp departure from what I normally do, but fun, quick and easy.

I shall take my colour cues from Herself in Tennessee!!

Just pinned closed to show you the look of the finished bag...

...and, Ta Da!! The Finished Bag. Grandpa says the baby should fit in there just fine! Goof!
I am finished that little project now and am about to do some pastel dyeing for my next venture-

My Aunty's gorgeous hydrangea. I will not use the green at the bottom . I will intensify a deep taupey purple and use that at the bottom right corner- I THINK!

So now, I will make a nice hot cup of tea and wallow a while longer in this plagued bug we have . Hope everyone else is hale and hardy?


  1. Very splendid diaper bag! Definitely a market for that!

  2. I have finally finished with the dreaded lurgy...almost four weeks!!!! I thought I'd never stop coughing. Take care.

    Congratulations on pending grandparenthood. That bag looks really handy. I like the oversize grommet idea. Very neat:)

    I love will be a gorgeous art piece. I'm looking forward to you showing your WIP.

  3. Nope. I've been suffering for a week and finally went to the doc today to find out that I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Got some drugs so I should be well soon. Spent my b-day yesterday ill but the family will be here tomorrow so I am hoping I will get my mocha cake then.

    Love your hubby's sense of humour. Praying that all goes well from here on in with the baby and your daughter. Yes, pockets are indeed needed to keep things sorted out.

    I am looking forward to your next project. Wonderful colours.

  4. Will pray for that strong healthy wee one and Mom.

    The bag is SO pretty and SO useful!

  5. Well, pass the kleenex and not because I'm sick but because God is good! Blessings to you and your family and the coming gift!

  6. what wonderful news! I hope everyone remains healthy, and you and your hubbie get that way soon! The bag will be a great diaper bag - I made one a few years back and it holds so much!

  7. I am surprised to hear that everyone else around here is sick. I thought it was just me! LOL.

    I didn't realize that you dyed your own fabrics -- no wonder you find the perfect colour for your pieces! I like this photo a lot, it will be fun to watch. :)

  8. I've got some sort of sore throat cold kind of bug, but it's not bad - just uncomfortable. I hope you get better soon. That bag is wonderful.
    And congratulations. An unexpected grandchild!