As promised

Here is my next endeavour- my Aunty's glorious hydrangea! Are these not colours to die for!! Well, at least they were colours to START dyeing- for making this quilt:-)

I spent much of yesterday testing and recording colours, came up with a palette of colours and started dyeing. Here is where I am to date.
A few pieces for this quilt , including the test piece where I dropped my colours. It was intended as a throwaway, but LOOK at it!

The photo, the pattern and the fabrics so far.

Just a different view including the graduated piece. More on it later.
I have recently purchased a DVD and book by Ann Johnston, American Art Quilter and Dyer of note. VERY exciting and informative. Both are called "Color By Accident". In her DVD , Ann shows how to dye a solid piece of fabric with graduated colour(s) , either one colour from palest pastel through to a nice intense colour, or by blending one colour into another or others. VERY useful!! I used a pale Ecru enhanced by Golden Brown, fading out to a combo of Lilac, Wisteria and Violet. Sadly, I forgot to use the soda ash BEFORE adding the colour but , in a stroke of brilliance, I put soda ash into a spray bottle and SOAKED the piece before allowing it to dry flat on the table. The whole piece was wet, smoothed onto my dye table and then colour spread around by gloved hand. I have not pulled it out flat to show you but have folded it carefully so you can see the gradations of colour. The colours are very pastel so it is hard to photograph out full.

This is sort of a boring series of pictures but I have shown you both sides and both ends by folding and turning it all over. COOL, eh!
Now I will do another series , same kinds of colours but deeper values and another deeper graduated one more along the brown to violet line. It will be a fairly large piece, 24 inches along the short side, so it will take a fair bit of fabric in many colours and values. Most of the pieces here are fat quarters. The grad piece is about half a metre wide by the width of the fabric.

Tomorrow, I plan to post this to the It is only Monday now, so ... Maybe by then I will have more pieces to add.

And- I DO!! I have started a new batch, sort of mid value colours for this same project.
Here is a new graduated piece still lying wet on the table. I DID remember to use the soda ash FIRST!!

My table slopes a little, like a mortuary slab!! .... the dye runs and drips off the plastic cover into a basin full of old newspaper. This will stay here for a couple more hours before I rinse and dry it.
The remaining eight  fat quarters batching on the dryer.
OK, NOW when the time is right, I shall post to WIP Wednesday! Enjoy this week's posts.


  1. It is amazing how you got the colour so beautifully right. 2nd and 3rd photos show it so clearly.

  2. Wow, it's amazing that you can make your own, unique coloured fabric. I think I will stick to store bought.

  3. I have Ann's book. This is an amazing display of colours. Very cool!

  4. I can't imagine either how you get such perfect colors! I'm not bored looking at them at all! What gorgeous gradations of colors.
    It's a beautiful photo!

  5. gorgeous fabrics - your richer colours sound fabulous - can't wait to see them. I've got that book - must pull it out again...

  6. The colours are delicious!

  7. Can hardly wait to see how this turns out!

  8. Perfect colours. It's a very exciting project. Can't wait to see your progress!