Glorious Persistence

I admire persistence! Sometimes it can drive one mad but in the end, I DO admire it! Several years ago my Mum brought me a straggly little plant from the driveway of a friend's house in NS . It was a Gloriosa Daisy and it grew and proliferated EVERYWHERE! I liked it but I have a LOT of composites in the garden and was not sure , seeing how wildly this grew, that I needed yet another. Eventually, I yanked it all out and chucked it- I THOUGHT! Well, Lo and Behold, this year, ONE single Gloriosa daisy grew in the gravel of our driveway. It bloomed - gloriously, as is its wont and so, I left it there with a mass of yellow Rudbekia and kept photographing it.

Here are a couple of pics of my glorious Gloriosa. The bottom one is the photo I am working from .

Lovely photo of the total chaos that is our dining room! Did I ever claim to be a housekeeper when I am working?
And here is what I am doing with them. I am further along now but this gives an idea of progress to date. I am going to post this WIP to the Not sure if I will be finished this by next week as I have a diversion to tackle in the meantime , but stay tuned. Hope you are all enjoying the superb fall weather we are having here in sunny Burlington just now. 


  1. Like you. I am "yes. no, maybe so" when it comes to some of these persistent plants. I see you have made it immortal! ;) nice!
    BTW, Thanks for a nice coffee break! ;) ;)

  2. I've got the same thing going with my white daisies, and yarrow. This year is the year to thin out...if nothing else. I want my young cosmos and poppies to fill in the space left behind... :-)

    What a large and beautiful piece that persistent Gloriosa has inspired!

  3. Looking good. I need to put my 16-patch together so that I can vacuum and clean up the room. I'm going to go room by room.

  4. This is going to be striking! It looks quite large. Do you have a particular method to enlarge your pattern?
    I've also been wondering about what type off fabric you dye with. I've been heavily thread stitching a small piece this week and even though I'm using a stiff interfacing, it is still rippling some. It is done on a piece of Bella white that I painted, collaged and then stitched.
    Do you fuse to solid background fabric?
    I love your use of the brown background by the way. Your color sense is great!

  5. The next time you throw it out throw it my way, please! Your quilt will be fantastic, and how do you think a quilter's living room is supposed to look ...?