2013 SAQA Benefit Auction

For you folks who have not seen this or heard of it, you might enjoy checking out the SAQA  2013 Benefit Auction. There are a ZILLION wonderful little 12"x 12" mini art quilts there which will be auctioned off , starting on 09 September. I tried to make a link for you but cannot seem to manage it so, just Google it and you will find it.

Here is my contribution-
There are soo many gorgeous pieces. A few people have actually made "dream collections"- i.e.- six pieces you would LOVE to be able to afford to own. Check out the site and if you want to bid, the bidding on the first group begins on 09 September. Instructions for the bidding and an explanation of the auction's purpose and lots of extra info are on the website. Enjoy!

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  1. It IS beautiful - as beautiful as I am used to it coming from you.