Might be the end of my Red Period???

Here I am again, and with another red quilt on the go. Gotta stop sometime. However, these two pictures I got at Jellicoe TN on my birthday morning two years ago are just so pretty. HAD to do SOMETHING with them.
Here's where I started. There were so few leaves left on these bushes but every one was bedecked with long skinny frost crystals. It was a nippy morning but by the end of the day, along the NY Thruway, it was so snowy , we had to stop over in an hotel for the night.
And here is where I am with this piece at the moment. I am resting my neck and back as I am, true to form , making life tough on myself, I have been quilting intensively and am nowhere near finished. I want to do all of the quilting , foreground AND background, before I switch to my beloved silver thread for the frost crystals. Stay tooned!

I have not included a closeup yet but will post that soon so you can see how mad I really am. I use Bottom Line, Superior's lovely fine bobbin thread and to date, have filled my bobbin three times!! This gives you a rough idea of the composition anyway.
I intend to post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. Last time I looked , there were no posts yet but there will be , so drop by! BTW, for those who are interested, it is 27" x 22.5" before I finish it. It will be a tad smaller eventually.


  1. wow! This is gonna be something. I am liking the contrast.

  2. Just beautiful! It's going to be a work of art when you're done! :)

  3. It's beautiful and going to be spectacular with frost added. I am always amazed that you dye your own fabrics for your pieces. I dye too but Beverly willy nilly. I'm not very organized so I d have a hard time to get exact colors. It's nit in my nature, but I sure do appreciate what you do!

  4. Incredible, and it is not even finished!