Samples and things

Thread clippings on Solvy and net, overstitched and washed, Organza stitched and then burned off over a cotton print and another sample to demo
Tomorrow is the second in my three session class on multi media/ embellishment. I do NOT travel light, as you saw last week. We went over a lot of techniques and materials and tried out a number of tools and I HOPE people come tomorrow with some fun things done, ready to start creating a masterpiece of interesting textures . I made this sample board to refresh the memory on some of the things we did last week. Thought you may be interested, but I am pretty sure you have done all of these and more besides.
Dryer sheets collaged and painted and overstitched 

A very bad GelliArts print on Cotton , painted and some quilting done

Not part of the class but I THINK this is ready to bind now. I am very happy with the texture!

From top left in a clockwise direction- melted, painted Tyvek, melted biscuit wrapper, painted, stitched bubble wrap and melted beaded Acrylic felt

A good and a bad sample of Angelina Fibre. Hard to see. The bad one was ironed too hot! Makes the sheen disappear:-(

On the left, heat transfer foil, on the right, Texture Magic

Heavily stitched in thick cotton threads  on acrylic felt, then burned with a heat gun

Heliographic print of garden leaves on cotton painted with Setacolor Transparent paint

The whole collection on the display board

Melted Tyvek painted with Lumiere paints

Shiva paintsticks over rubbing plate on cotton, quilted
I am going to link to the and hope you will nip over there to see what's up this week. 


  1. Oh boy! You are so adventurous! I don't do this type of quilting but admire those who do! That last Shiva paintsticks piece really reminds me of my trip to Hawaii and the Hawaiian applique...the way it flows!

  2. I have actually never done any of these interesting:)

  3. I admire your wide repertoire of techniques - so far I've only done the sun prints with Setacolor paints. They are still on my shelf until I figure out what I will do with them!

  4. oh my goodness! so much wonderful stuff - all the textures are amazing! I have tried a few in workshops, but my results were no where near as spectacular as yours!

  5. This is above and beyond! good for you!