A Week of Surprises!!!

This has been an interesting week! A few weeks ago, I submitted three pieces of work to two quilt shows- two to the Grand National in Kitchener and one to the Wee Quilt Challenge in Cambridge. The GN was in touch very smartly to say that both pieces I submitted to them had been accepted- YAY! BUT, I heard nothing from McDougall Cottage in Cambridge. I waited patiently, surprised that they did not even acknowledge receipt of my entry form , and then called them. I was told I SHOULD have gotten an email , but that I would be informed as to whether my work was accepted or not. More waiting. Deadline for entries came and went and I just put it out of my mind. No prob! BUT, two nights ago, just at supper time, I got a call from them asking when I would be bringing my quilt to them??!! I was flabbergasted, to say the least. To make a long story short, I WAS accepted but the emails had been sent to an incorrect address. Easy error to make, I guess. Anyway, patient DH drove me to Cambridge yesterday with the quilt so now three of my babes are out for public scrutiny!

Last evening, I got a lovely surprise from Remy, one of six really FUN ladies from Guelph ON who took my Urban Cubes class last fall, with a nice attachment- see below- of her finished piece. It is so nice I really wanted to share it with y'all.

Didn't Remy do a lovely job!

This is not a pattern , per se. I taught them how to make each of eleven cool, 3D blocks and then they arranged them as they liked. Remy chose the hexagonal shape similar to the one I used as my teaching sample. It is on my blog somewhere I think. The blocks are a combination of ones by Sara Nephew, Maxine Rosenthal and Joy Pelzmann. Great fun to do and a very effective little wall quilt.

The pieces I submitted for jurying into the two shows are Red Iris, Smokebush Leaves and Tangy Glen Bluebells. See below...
Smoke Bush Leaves 

Red Iris

Tangy Glen Bluebells
The top two are at the GN , this year's theme being Local Colour, and Bluebells is the late arrival at the Wee Quilt Challenge.

Now, here is the last nice surprise. I have JUST learned that the Red Iris has been chosen to be used as the photo advertising the opening of the Grand National - 21 April at Homer Watson House and Gallery in Kitchener,ON. The Wee Quilt Challenge opens 10 April at McDougall Cottage, Cambridge, ON. Maybe we shall see you there? 


  1. A great week indeed! Congratulations!

  2. I wish! I'd love to see your work in person. Usually the computer pictures are less colorful or wrong colors... It'd be amazing to be there to see them.

  3. Super work all round! Those blocks are fantastic.

  4. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you and proud of you! xxxooo

  5. They are all beautiful! I can see why the GN chose your Red Iris to advertise the opening of the show.

  6. Congratulations!!! All three pieces are amazing:)

  7. All three pieces are gorgeous, what type of appliqué do you do, it is hard to tell but it looks like perhaps needle turned or freezer paper rather than raw edge?