Easter Weekend

Happy Easter, everyone. I bought myself three bunches of tulips to enjoy over this joyous weekend and thought I would share them with you all. This colour is a tad harsh as I was rushing ( nothing new there!)

I have been out to the garden and picked up a few downed sticks and branches and I wanted to show you what is blooming in our garden this Good Friday, 2013.
Iris Reticulata

Early red Helleborus

Galanthus Nivalis

Later blue reticulata

One scilla and one anemone blanda

And this glorious little purple reticulata again.
Lots of things are showing promising shoots. A deer ate a whole clump of tulip shoots a few days ago but tulips, daffodils, LOTS more later hellebores, SCADS of scilla ( bane of DH's existence! Many live in the lawn !!), lilies, zillions of hostas, hemerocallis- you name it. It is all coming up! Spring, it appears, is here! Oh, and the greenish winter goldfinches, are now becoming noticeably lemon yellow with black velvet wings. The magnolia is under strict instructions to COOL IT! Last year, it got frozen off after opening too early.

On that cheery note, I wish you all the many blessings of Easter 2013 and hope you have a lovely weekend. 


  1. definitely cheery! Solid white here with a few glimpses of brown grass where the blade dug seep! Happy Easter!

  2. beautiful flowers! I've just come in from doing a little garden cleanup, but oh so much more to do! Happy Easter to you, too.

  3. Blessings to you C, and as envy is a sin I will confess it to you now as everything in my garden remains covered with snow!

  4. Beautiful color from a beautiful friend. Happy Easter.

    Joyeuses Pâques. xo

  5. Mmmm, those photos make me happy! The tulips are GORGEOUS! Happy (slightly belated) Easter!