Still a WIP!!

This W is still VERY MUCH I P !! It is taking forever with all of the thread work. Hope it is worth it in the end!

Heavy going!
this corner pretty well finished

still one and a half leaves to go

You can see where I still have to stitch
Once this centre bit is finished, I will do the background and THEN decide if I need any more shadows etc. It is a bit of a stretch of the realistic anyway, so I am not too fussed about accurate shadows.
AND, the Celebration of Coleus so far!
I am going to post this ONE MORE TIME on the and next week, it will be DONE or I will NOT post it. I WILL have started something else:-)


  1. Wow, the header is smashing. :) Yes, that is an amazing amount of stitching. Good for you!

  2. So much stitching, but it is well worth it! Even if you don't finish it, we will want to see it! So colorful and intricate! How many spools have you gone through...curious!

  3. Really a lot of interesting stitching!

  4. I love it, and the colour choices are just perfect. It is so bright and vibrant!


  5. Love your new header! This piece is really pretty. I don't mind seeing the process. I do the same thing with my pieces. They take time.

  6. well the piece looks fantastic so far!!

  7. All that thread work must take a lot of patience! The end result is beautiful!

  8. It's looking great - lot's of work!
    I definitely want to see the next steps, through to completion. Don't stop posting!

    And, I agree with the others, I love your new header image!

  9. Mom, that is STUNNING! The colours are amazing -- so vibrant! And, I agree: love the new header! I can't get over the amount of texture you managed to achieve in the grassy foreground.