Silver Inchies

A mother always knows her own!!! My own - computer- is in the hospital so I am navigating DH's and we are NOT friends just yet! Hope this does not go on too long. Maybe I will get mine back tomorrow???

Anyway, enough whining and on with the Silver Inchies! I love silver. Most of my jewellry is silver. I have made six little silver Inchies- some ok, some less than ok , but here they are!
This looks messy here. Better in real life. It is black felt with a bit of heat transfer foil and beads and sequins.

MUCH better- black felt with heat transfer foil and beads.

As above.

Black felt base, silver stars sequin waste with  a silver bead in each star.

Tyvek painted with silver Lumiere, heated to deform it then beaded and microbeads glued on too.I like this one even though it is a little bigger than the one inch felt base.

Black felt, heat transfer foil over sequin waste , dull silver sequins and silver beads.
 I am posting this to Pop by and see the glittering array of Silver Inchies this week!


  1. My goodness! You don't give up! It took me all week to decide to do just one and I didn't like it when I was done.
    Yours are beautiful and very creative.

  2. Oh those are lovely! I love the sequin waste ones and I adore the deformed one. It looks almost like something from space. Well done.

  3. Your silver inchies are beautiful and I like the tyvek one especially - you could wear it as a brooch.

  4. I love them all, too, but especially the 'deformed' one, which is especially beautiful - well done!

  5. So beautiful!!! I love your silver inchies.

  6. You did a great job! I like the first one the best!