I ALWAYS have lots of WIP's and always manage to get them finished - eventually. At the moment though, I have the Mother of all WIP's on the go. I am trying to teach myself to use Adobe Photoshop!!!I have Photoshop Elements 8 - more than I will EVER need but I do want to learn it well enough to be able to do things with the photos I take to make some interesting quilts.

 I have a grand little book that inspired me initially- Artistic Photo Quilts by Charlotte Ziebarth. Ms Z writes well and her instructions are very clear- now that I know some bits of Photoshop. She does a lot of printng on fabric and then uses the fabris in her very interesting quilts. I did do one photo quilt- not sure I ever posted it here but will do so later today. I will have to find it and give it a little press .

I thought I would post some of the pictures I have created by layering several photos , making some layers transparent and enhancing the colour in some cases. Prepare to be amazed!
Dry grasses outside our daughter's home in TN last winter , colour altered and enhanced

Nice layers of a bicolour iris, Flamenco, and a magnolia soulangeana

Horses on the roadside cut from a photo and pasted onto a blank canvas  then the colours were dickered with. I like this. reminds me of cave paintings!

Simple one of two layers , top one transparent- peony centre and an iris

Those same TN grasses layered with local teasels from a nice day of picture taking last week

My lovely pale, powder blue irises with colours DRASTICALLY altered
Magnolia and Iris again

A bough of ripe apples layered with a nice iron fence- and then BIG colour alteration

One of my favourites. I may use it to make a little quilt if I feel I am up to the challenge.
I make most of my own greeting cards using my photos. I really think some of the things I have been doing with Photoshop would make lovely cards. I hope to try some more fabric painting and to use some of the prints for quilts. Stay tuned and watch this space!

I am posting this on the  Go and have a look. There is always something interesting going on there. Enjoy!


  1. Whoa! Good for you. Share stuff that you learn please as I am not giving this the time it needs and I'm forgetting everything. Great stuff!!!

  2. Wow, they are beautiful! Photoshop is on my wish list.

  3. Wow! Great work! Especially love the horses.

  4. Love the layering, RT! My son has been learning that as part of his digital media studies...and I know I should experiment in my very basic PS Elements program...but I have trouble translating using a screen...I admire your work, especially the flowers!

  5. fantastice!! I have no idea how to do any of But you make is stunning.

  6. Wonderful! Love the magnolia and iris

  7. you're right it is amazing how they turn out .... I have never scene this before.....
    in stithces