Big changes

Sorry for the lack of pictures but I am in a totally new and unfamiliar space at the moment. I had to return the last computer I bought yesterday morning because it seemed to have a Windows 7 problem and would not work with my photos! SO.... last night, I bought a Mac! I am gradually figuring it out and have my first One to One session at ten this morning but at the moment, I have no pics here yet to choose from, so- sorry :-(  I just wanted to say hello and to promise better soon.

I HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL AND SAFE AND DRY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORM. We are fine but had an horrendously noisy night. Still cannot see yet this AM but we are anxious to see if all of our trees are still with us. God bless All!


  1. Love your new header! Good luck with your computer. I really don't know why we trust the things with our pictures. Not very reliable.
    Hope all is well with your trees! Glad to hear you are okay.