Monday, 15 October 2012

Ocean Inchies

I am not generally a water person- except from the safety of the shore. I love LOOKING at water, photographing water , drinking water- but I am not a swimmer or a boater. (That said, I DO have a lovely red cedar strip canoe that stays close to the shore!) When thinking of Ocean Inchies, I thought of that famous Japanese painting of the vicious wave overtaking the island with Mt Fuji in the background. Having seen the recent Tsunami and its horrendous death toll, we can understand why this is such an important piece of art. Even observing the water from the shoreline is not always safe!

I DO love tide pools! Too detailed to render in such a small canvas, I made a second wee inchie with "lots of good fish in the sea, in the sea, in the sea". Enjoy!

I am posting this on Tune in to see lots of other ocean inchies.


  1. Two lovely inchies - very well made, Carolynn!

  2. And a wonderful new art work above!

  3. I'm with you on the water thing. I do love terra firma.
    Great ocean inchies.

  4. Oh oh oh oh I LOVE that top one. I've always loved the original painting(?) woodcut(?) so I think yours is very special.

    I like your new header too.

  5. OOOH! That first one is brilliant! I'm not familiar with the Painting you mention. I will have to hunt for it. I did a painting of the devastation the recent tsunami left. It's not so great, but I put my heart into it.

  6. Your inchies are great. Yes the ocean can be dangerous for us. But it can be beautiful as well.