Dandelion Whine

In the early spring of 2010 , DH and I drove up into Grey Co and found this most stupendous field of dandelions EVER! I am not good at estimating acreages but it was an enormous field and it was chocka-block dandelions in full golden bloom! GLORIOUS!!! I HAD to take photos!

DH is a very very patient man and he stopped the car a zillion times while I took pictures of dandelions in all stages of growth. When I got home, I started the editing, enhancing and printing of the pics on fabric. They turned out pretty well for a first shot. I soaked my fabric in Bubble Jet Set and the colour seems to be holding well. I realised today that I did not have  picture of the whole quilt, so once again , DH stepped in to rescue me. He was the holder. I was the picture taker. So...here you are - the Dandelion Whine quilt!
The photo printed pictures on the design board
All of the printed photos and the spacer pieces between
DH holding the final quilt up. Sorry it is pale and a bit fuzzy. We had lost the light .


  1. This is very inspiring. Shoot, I may have to set aside my free day to get back into my Photo Shop Elements tutorials.

  2. Beautiful colors. Dandelions really get a bad rap when actually they are so beautiful. I have a paper weight that contains the head of a dandelion in seed. I love it!

  3. I wonder if I created something like this, my neighbour would feel better about d'lions...

  4. Hi, Carolynn. What a fun project! And I really like your Photoshop experiments. I see you're putting all that information to good use.
    best, nadia