Urban Cubes

Named by my DH because he thought this reminded him of Expo 67 Habitat for Humanity, these are little quilts designed by me using the various hollow cubes from the lovely book, One Block Wonders Encore by Maxine Rosenthal and Joy Pelzmann. They are REALLY fun to do and men seem to LOVE them. Must be the 3D look!I have taught this class a zillion times and am set to do so once more this fall. I am very glad I enjoy doing  it :-) I am surprised that I have never posted these photos before . I have done several of these quilts in various configurations, all enjoyable to do and to look at. Anyway, here they are , two of them at least, for your continued dining pleasure!
This is the first one I did. It is now in the collection of my daughter and son in law. DH got all bent out of shape then because HE did not have one so I made him one too but do not have a picture.
Here is a crooked picture of the sample I did for the class. This is what we will be building together. Great fun to do. Have a look at the series of One Block Wonder books. They are great!


  1. I love the 3D effect in quilts. I can see why you like doing them.

  2. I admire your cubes - because I know how much work goes into these and you made several!