Ceiling Inchies!

 I WAS going to try to use my real ceiling as a sad Inchie but could just not get around to doing it well. A couple of years ago , we had a serious roof leak in the winter from ice dams and the leak was right over my laptop and the pretty Chinese rug in the sitting room. Both survived :-) Eventually, we had to have the back half of the roof rebuilt and are now waiting for a good drywaller to come and repair this horrible ceiling. Are you sorry for me? I am !! And, so... Ceiling Inchies. Not much imagination or skill here I am afraid this week. I even forgot yesterday was Sunday because I was so busy , but here they are ....
Fancy plasterwork...

...and not SO fancy plasterwork.
Our ceilings are MUCH more akin to number two!


  1. Sorry for your sad ceiling :{ But I like BOTH of your inchies!

  2. Cute. Funny thing is I noticed just today that my mom's hall ceiling light is missing it's cover, leaving the light bulbs bare looking - just like your #2.

  3. I've got a wall that was damp a couple of years ago. I got the brickwork sorted and left it to dry "for a while" before I decorated. Erm..... I WILL decoraste it one day. Honest!

    I like your fancy plasterwork inchie. I had similar thoughts on mine!

  4. I saw it and I am sorry ---- for you.