Friday, 24 August 2012

Online arm twisted!

I emailed my friend, Jindra Katzerova in Czech Republic to tell her that I had posted a picture of her bag and directed her to check out your comments. She was very pleased so I pushed my luck and asked her if she would send photos of the prizewinning quilt to me to post. She did- and here it is. She calls it "Debut". It is a multi media piece with painted , burned Lutradur. I think it is spectacular as did the judges at the Prague show where she won first prize and a new Bernina sewing machine. Judge for yourself....
Debut by Jindra Katzerova, Czech Republic
Here are a few detail shots of the piece, close up.
The painted , burned Lutradur, cut with a soldering iron

closeup of the painting and quilting

more of the quilting

and a wee bit more of the background quilting


  1. I think it's wonderful that there is so much creativity out there. Thanks for showing us this winner.

  2. I can understand why she won first price. It's amazing!! That's to both of you for sharing it with us.

  3. It's an inspiring work, for sure. Just lovely!

  4. This is a very amazing piece of art. Definitely a winner.

  5. This really is a wonderful quilt !!! Sure she won the first prize !

  6. absolutely beautiful to the design as well as the detailing. Arlene


  7. Very beautiful - the design and the techniques - I love it.