Eye Inchies

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. What do you think of MY soul? Maybe you should look at MY OWN eyes, rather than these Inchies before answering that question ;-)
Pretty straight forward- a nice green eye. Does this REALLY represent jealousy?
Potatoes have eyes , but cannot see

Hurricanes have eyes and they seem to see really well! Look at the stats. They head right for the worst possible places, the spots where the most damage can be inflicted on the folks least able to cope with that damage!

Needles have eyes - and sometimes they have a long line of camels waiting to get through !
There is always the Evil Eye- and the Turkish talisman to protect us from it
...and last, but not least, that very modern eye- or "i"- the iPod!
Keep your eyes open and for a feast for the eyes, go to everyinchiemonday2012.blogspot.com
Hope we have better participation this week. Maybe you are all on holidays?


  1. these are all wonderful eye interpretations, I particularly like your green eye

  2. What brilliant interpretations. I'm hoping to jump back in to inchies but have stuff to catch up with from doing nothing during our humid weather first.

  3. These are so much fun. I, of course, like the eye of the needle one the best. How clever.

  4. What can I say? I love the eye of the needle! The potato made me smile and I am a bit afraid of the eye of the hurricane.
    Wonderful inchies.