House Inchies

A man's CASTLE is his home- fortified with a moat!

That Litte Grass Shack in Hawaii!- or somewhere warm!

There are strange things done in the Midnight sun- in Ice houses!

And the Plains Indians made beautiful, portable round houses.

Not a hive for the buzzing bees but a home for many birds!
Everyone gotta live SOMEWHERE! Here are a few houses- of sorts!

...and , if you put them all together... get a community!
I am linking these to the site. Join us for lots of great HOUSE Inchies. Enjoy :-)


  1. Oh, what fun. I love the castle and then I saw the house on stilts. I grew up in an apartment building and I love living in a house. You forgot houseboat, now that I think about it.
    I love the fact that you put them all together.

  2. I can't decide whether I prefer the igloo or the teepee. Maybe I'll stay with the community. LOVELY inchies!

  3. So many different types of houses. Your Idea of the joining all inchies to a line is fun. Love your houses.

  4. I saw them all!!!!They arwe wonderful little inchies. Great ideas among them. Your drawings arwe great!