Moving along- but EVER so slowly!!!

Progress IS being made! I can only work for a brief time  because this silly old hand still tires easily. I AM getting there though. I have gotten all of the basic background done. There will be LOTS of tweaking , touch ups and refining to do but I'm getting there. I am REALLY not used to working so slowly. It SHOULD be teaching me patience- but, 't'ain't! So I do lots of "tangling" to get myself headed in a positive direction and unwound!!!
This is the basic, all cotton - now for the FUNNN!

Looking at the basic layers, I decided to try some tulle layers on the first two panels- far left and the one next to it. There is a lot of subtlety on those two parts and I want some softer colour changes ( why don't I just PAINT the darned thing?? ) I am a stubborn old thing and want it in fabric, not paint!! That's why!

So , now I have the basic softening started. I have experimented with the tulle. The freezer paper does not really adhere to the nylon tulle but the Misty Fuse does really well. I may not do the freezer paper next time . It seems to leave some waxy residue where it does manage to stick. Soo-- Lots of pins from here on in. Also, I experimented with sticking the tulle onto the cotton and then fusing more cotton bits on top of the tulle! NO PROBLEM at all, if that bon mot helps anyone out there.

The first of the tulle layers. May or may not do more- except in little places. Stay tuned!

The green bits are background there you could see through the Peony leaf. I hope you can see the beginnings of the more subtle colour changes here?

I am actually getting down to some smaller patches and I should make up a bunch of bug holes. It will look totally different with the bug holes in place.

And, to finish off today,  couple of Zentangles! I have started trying to add "gemstones" to a few of them.The one with the blue stones was "Explored" today, for the Flickrites among you. They are REALLY fun to do- VERY addictive, very relaxing, very ZEN!!

BTW, this looks a bit grainy here where I used coloured pencil but NOW, I have availed myself of a blending pencil and the difference it startling! If you use pencil crayon and have never tried a blender, try it! You'll LIKE it!

As it is Wednesday today and, as this IS, DEFINITELY a W.I.P.... I will send this off to the There is always something exciting going on over there. Have a look. Post some of YOUR work!

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