Two days running?? Almost!

Well, the "bug" has well and truly bitten me! I am chugging right along with this little Peony Leaf piece and , so far, so good!

I forgot to post some of the fabrics I auditioned and chose to use...

I am working on trying to keep the golden yellow of the leaf with an overlay in spots of a translucent rose, pink, and/or violet. So far, pretty pleased with this. I used bits of hand dyed pure silk organza (and chiffon still to be used) fused in place with Misty Fuse. The Misty Fuse is magic- very adhesive but also quite transparent so, in this case, my golden leaf shows through! Yay, Misty Fuse!!

The deeper purply brown here is not transparent. It is a cotton hand dye. It will get some heavy stitching of veins eventually! I think the next place to go is to the left hand panel to do the broad sweeping colours and then, back to the bug holes! All in good time! I'll have the "big picture" and then I can go for the remaining nitty gritty details! This is going to be FUNNN to stitch!

Am I having fun yet?? You betcha! Sadly, I have a headache today so may not push too much harder for the moment. Don't like headaches!!!

We awoke to a glorious sunrise today, not spectacular but soo pretty! I HAD to shoot a couple of pictures.

Not a spectacular photo but it DID catch the glow of the SUNSHINE :-D for the first time in ages. Sorry it's crooked! I was hurrying before the light changed.

The orange stripe is the sun on the Niagara Escarpment running just north of our back garden. In summertime, as many of you already know, we don't see the Escarpment from the back windows as the trees in the foreground act like a green screen! What you see here is about thirty feet below the upper part of our back garden.
It has been a good day and continues to be , despite a sore head! That will pass. I hope you are ALL well and happy, busily engaged in creative undertakings. Enjoy!! Groundhog Day tomorrow- also Imbolc ( for the Celts among us) and St Brigid's Day for the Irish among us! Happy Groundhog day. Hope we get our wish! ( Secretly, I am pretty ready for SPRING, despite the lack of decent winter so far!)


  1. It's going to be a lovely piece! I heard that the groundhog saw his shadow here today.
    I'm really enjoying winter though now that I can get out again. We were out with my daughter and 2 month old on the snowshoes today.

  2. So wonderful to be able to watch your creations appear again! Can't wait to see more. XO