Moving along slowly

Had therapy again this AM. I am doing well and working on breaking down the scar tissue as well as strengthening the hand- and , of course, keeping the tendons working smoothly without locking! So far, so good! Yay! Sarah!! I am not going back now for two weeks! This is soo great compared to the first round!

Anyway, SLOW progress IS being made on the Peony Macro. I am working on the silk overlays with varying rates of success. I have done a LOT of scissor cutting today so am taking the rest of the day off. Here it is so far. Not sure about the red overlay- the big one! I'll have to have a good stare at it and decide if I like it.

Still so much background work to do before I settle down to working on the bug holes. I'll try to repost the original picture to see and to show you how it is progressing.The big white splodges are HOLES and there WILL be colour behind them eventually. The white is just the "Southern Belle" base I am working on. It gets totally covered up in the end.
I must recheck the original photo as the hard line near the bottom of the red bugs me and I ALMOST feel the colour is too intense. More of the background colour on there will change the look a lot so I shall be patient ( it says here in the Book!) Time is a wonderful thing. It clears the mind. Mine REALLY requires clearing !!

See! I still think the colour is too intense and that lower edge of the red is too harsh. Stay tuned! All is NOT lost. I am nothing if not persistent!

OK, 'nuff for today. Hope everyone has had a good, productive and creative day. Cheerio for now!

Afterthought: I removed that deep red, hard edged piece late last night! New day today. Fingers recovered. Determination "screwed to the sticking point"- and today, I'll redo that bit! Stay "tooned"!!!


  1. It looks fascinating right now ! I am sure your re-do's will only enhance. Good pieces take a long time, especially when working with fibre.

  2. Nice to read your thoughts about colour and follow your decisions.

  3. What an amazing work !!!!
    LOVE the colours !