A slight diversion!!

Needing a little break from a LOT of cutting, I turned to my beloved ( and very useful) Zentangles! I am finding that as I strengthen my hand, I am losing some fine control so I am going to lay off the rubber ball squeezing for a bit and see what happens.
I like the openness of these two and the "jewels" came out not badly

The second picture I did was in a different sketchbook with coarser, toothier paper so the "gem" looks kinda "woolly"!!!I REALLY need a blending pencil if I want to get the right look. See what the weather is tomorrow. Sounds pretty bad but if it is OK....
REALLY like this but the rough paper gave me woolly "gems" :-(

I also spent a LOT of time shooting photos of CHEESE for Macro Mondays!!! The prompt for this week was "Say Cheese" but we could not use people- just cheese! Here are a couple of examples. It was a fun week.
Holey Emmentaler , Batman!

Parmesan curls

Jalapeño cheese twist with sesame seeds

Tomorrow, I'll post the progress on the Peony leaf Macro. It is coming along - slowly. There is a lot of detail in that piece and I DO want it all in there. I want a crunchy, gnarly look to it when it is done. Lotsa texture!  Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Enjoy your evening and , maybe see you tomorrow!

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