Pieced and ready to layer.

The photo I worked from is on the left, the untrimmed piece in the middle and my freezer paper cartoons on the right.
It has been a rocky few weeks here recently. I have had a LOT of extra responsibility with my Mum  so work on this little quilt has been sporadic at best. However... I have FINISHED the piecing!!! Yay!  I have cleared the BIG mess away and now have to make small messes ;-) That's VERY easy for me to do!!

It is brutally cold here right now and no snow to cushion the blow. I feel very very sorry for the poor little snowdrops. They are all in bloom and every morning when I check them, the little blooms are lying right down, heads on the frozen earth! Nature's protections are amazing. Just the simple act of removing a lot of the water from the stem when it is really cold protects the little cells from bursting in the low temperatures. Once the sun warms them up , they stand up tall again. Maybe when the sun warms ME up again, I'll perk up!!

Today, once the daily "chores" are done, I have to layer this little quilt and get it ready for the sewing machine! I have not used my machine for so long that I will be pretty rusty so I'll make up a "junk sandwich" and play quilts on that to loosen me up. BTW! That silly hand is doing well but still stiff and swell-y . IT does alright at Zentangles though. I use those as an exercise to regain control and just for hand exercise. I highly recommend it! VERY Zen and very good training for precision.

So , here is the process for those of you who like the process! The piece IS complete to all intents and purposes. I MAY add bits as I go along but here it is - done- ish! Here are some of the many many little layers that make up this quilt top.
Look at the little topographic piles of fabric! Wish me luck pinning and quilting this! I do NOT deserve sympathy.
Now I trim most of the really extraneous junk...

And begin the layering process. Step one iron the backing fabric, cut it to size and tape it down - wrong side up!-VERY snugly!
Backing , upside down, taped tightly.

Then measure cut and press the batting. Place it carefully on top of the backing.
Batting laid over the taped backing

And then, add the quilt top and square it up in preparation for pinning the layers.
The quilt top placed squarely on top of backing and batting

The pinning begins in the centre and works out to the edges. This was a BEASTLY job because of the thickness of so many little layers but I DID get it fastened together.
You can see the little PILES of fabric I am pinning through and, eventually QUILTING through! Thumpity thump thump!

Then the pins have to be closed- OUCH!! My fingers are sore tonight despite the assistance of my Kwik Klip.
The pins are all in - now to close them

Now that the pins are all in and closed up, I'll hang the piece for a while to be sure no pins need moving.
All done and I treated myself to a nice hot cuppa, and a sit down with the heating pad at my back (DH likes the house cold like a meat locker!!! Summer AND winter!)
It looks pretty smooth but I will not start quilting till I am sure. This has been a long ordeal! I find myself working painfully slowly. Drives me NUTS!! Maybe it is time to cease and desist and take up some other form of madness??? On that cheery note, I am off to start today's Zentangle! Tirra!!

PS, on a silly note- this piece is tentatively called "Bug Lunch" because that is what it was . Fresh Peony Leaf Salad for some chewing beasty or another!

And now, since it IS Wednesday and since I actually HAVE a post written I will send this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com


  1. Did the bug eat his lunch any faster than you can sew? Slow and steady wins the race/lunch! It is lovely.

  2. The cold is getting to me too this year. It takes a bit of effort to get going in the morning :) This piece is worth the effort even if it is slow going.

  3. Wow,thats good, the name!!! Love it. It makes me chuckle. Nice how you show the process. I am interested.

  4. Oh yes ! Looking good ! Nice to see the process, too ! So much behind the scenes work to do.