Happy Easter and a new beginning

Happy Easter all. Hope you are all enjoying family time and better weather than we are having- although DH just said that every province in this Fair Land today has had/is having snow!!!! Harrumph!

I have started a new piece of work. It is based on this photo That I showed you last week.

This is a heavily altered, multi filtered ( in Photoshop) photo of a very pretty hosta I bought last year. I am hoping to really abstract it further so it becomes a study in greens and textures. Wish me luck!

To that end, I have started work on it.
The pattern has been drawn by me and enlarged and printed by my favourite printer man- Ted.

I have traced my printed pattern onto freezer paper using the light box to see all of the little lines.

I have spent a lot of time dyeing and here are my colours . I may still have to do more of some colours as I might have been a tad stingy.

There is a LONG way to go, of course but the basics are begun. It will eventually be about 36" square
I expect. As I have been so slack of late, it feels good to be back in the saddle again. I hope this turns out as I envision it. Hopefully, I will do a LOT of surface stitching to mimic all of the cool textures I managed to get with Photoshop.
Isn't that COOL! I LOVE the little spidery black lines. Look for them soon ( or later) on a quilt near you :-)

Again, Happy Easter all. Here is a little parting shot. SOMEONE had fun today!

                                                             HAPPY EASTER 2015.


  1. Looks like great project. I'm looking forward to following your progress.

  2. Easter Blessings! I too look forward to your process/progress with that altered hosta!

  3. Gorgeous colors and lines. Looking forward to seeing its progress.

  4. What is with the weather? I love all those greens.

    Cute little one with cute chubby cheeks:)

  5. I am hapy that you are back again - I was already "thinking" and waiting - and oh my sweet little friend - he has got beautiful hair!

  6. It is gonna be good. Happy Easter

  7. Wonderful greens (my favourite color!). Looking forward to seeing the final product.

  8. Your little man is oh so cute. Love what you are working on and look forward to seeing the progress.

  9. This hosta is going to be stunning !
    Green isn't my favourite 'go to colour ' but these will be fabulous ;)
    I can tell you are excited ;)