Snowdrops at our front door on, 02 March, 2015. We have full blooms now :-)
Part of the news is that the snow is nearly GONE around here!!!

We have bare grass. NOT pretty grass, but bare  except for zillions of twigs and branches that have fallen in the strong winds of the past winter. I say "past". I surely hope I am right!!

I submitted and had accepted, two pieces of work for the Grand National. It opens at Josef Schneider Haus, Kitchener, ON on 10 May 2015. The theme this year is Connections. The show runs until27 September. Hope some of you can see it!

Poppies Aglow II

A couple of days ago, the UPS man brought me my copies of Dr Sandra Sider's new book, 1000 Quilt Inspirations, published by Quarry Books. It is a bright and interesting collection of - you guessed it, 1000 images of quilts to inspire you, including six pieces of mine. Unfortunately, the six pieces do not represent what I REALLY do. They are more experimental, not serious but fun pieces. I hope you'll have a look at the book if you can and that you may be inspired!

I have opened a Flickr account and can be found on google - rtquilter on Flickr. Have a look. There are a LOT of fabulous photos on Flickr. I follow Carol L Harris, Darlene P Duncan and Bleu Nature on Flicker, all definitely worth a look.

I have been fooling around with filters on Photoshop and have prepared some photos to build quilts. Here are three. I will take my patterns to the printer man tomorrow and then have some serious dyeing to do!
An abstracted hosta
A dying Christmas Amaryllis. I LOVED the translucency of the bloom as it faded.

And two poppies from our garden
And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, concludes the news! When the time comes, I shall post this to the  I have not posted for a while but hope I am getting back into the groove. Hope you all have a lovely Easter or at least a wonderful weekend if Easter is not part of your tradition.

OK, It is Tuesday , past 3PM. Off to TNTN I go. I hope you'll come and join me .


  1. What great news. Snowdrops opening, pieces accepted at Quilt National and having your work published. Well done.

  2. Well done on having six pieces included in the book - even if they aren't typical of your work. I will go and try to find you on Flickr .
    (Glad the snow's going.)

  3. Great news. I hope you are right about winter being past and this scruffy grass will be greening up!

  4. well that is great news…congrats on both the book and the show…and last but not least is the accomplishment of making it thru another canadian winter

  5. Congrats all on your success!

  6. Congratulations ... what great news, on many fronts !
    I must say ... that host is screaming to be an art quilt !!!! Love it ! Hope it's first on your to-do list ... stunning ;)