Slowly, Slowly!

I am making progress with the filtered hosta. It begins to look like something. I HOPE it begins to look like a Hosta heavily filtered with Photoshop! It is a slow , painstaking process as there are soo many little pieces but I am really enjoying doing it. I may need to dye some more fabric as I am about to switch to a new bunch of colours- away from the very high and the very low values and into a more intermediate area. There is still more high and low but I will not be back there for a bit.
This is the progress to date. Look at that!! Almost 1/4 done!( That said, there will be a LOT of little wee touches when the main work is finally done.)
The next major section after one more section in these colours is high chartreuse and mid olive.

I am currently wearing two hats! I bought a new Macro lens for my camera. I was fairly happy with the last one but not ecstatically so. Today- ECSTASY:-) I bought a 105 mm f2.8 Nikon Micro lens and at this point, I am REALLY happy with focus, sensitivity and ,so far, NO chromatic aberration!!

Here are a few examples of the things I have been playing with. Bear in mind that this has been a very fleeting tryout. I KNOW it will be much better too when I have time and energy to pursue it more thoroughly and more carefully. However, for a cursory tryout.... YAY!!!
Bloodroot- I do love the way the leaves clasp the flowers before they are fully open. It seems a lovely protective  "gesture" on the part of those leaves! Can't wait for another nice dappled sunshine day. I hope the bloodroot lasts!

Bloodroot in our woodsy garden. LOVING the leaf texture!

My beloved Helleborus niger in full bloom. 

H. niger and some scilla buds

Bloodroot again- just for the texture of that big leaf!!! Our Trillium Grandiflora have not started to show yet. That worries me as we have DEER in the garden and trillium has proved a tasty treat in years past :-(
I have started a Flickr Account at "rtquilter on Flickr". If you have time , pop over there and have a look. There are many many REAL photographers on Flickr too :-)  Be SURE to check THEM out!!

I will post this now to the Today, I actually HAVE a WIP!! Enjoy your visit to TNTN.


  1. It will be interesting to watch as you make more progress on your hostas.

  2. WIP looking good !
    Great garden photos ... Isn't this weather something else !!!

  3. It always amazes me how you manage to convert a few pieces of cloth into a work of art. I don't think I know scilla. I'd like to see more of that please.

  4. Slow? Not in my eyes ---- very interesting and good work. How good for you to make these shots with your new lens. They are lovely and looking at them makes everybody happy. xx

  5. wish I could do hellebores!