About half way?

I am still making progress on the hosta piece. I THINK I have the top about half finished. I have been juggling it with garden cleanup, medical appointments for DH and trying to photograph the spring wildflowers. Here is the hosta so far...
A fair bit of the big pale blob in the centre will be covered with other bits
The next bit will likely be the top right corner. I will do that little bit before I tackle the bottom right. I THINK I am fairly pleased so far. Speaking of hostas, I see lots of ours coming up in the gardens, always a cheering sight!

For those lovers of blue like myself! This is scilla siberica up pretty close.

Only a few more days until Greg the Mower Man comes to harvest the crop of long grass and the scillas!

Not sure how the black background happened but I think it looks OK.

A new hellebore I bought this year. It is a LITTLE bit ahead of the ones that have lived here a long time.

The magnolia is FULL of promising buds and I do a  little dance daily as I pray for no more frost to spoil the bloom!

This is the VERY early red hellebore that has lived under the sitting room window for many years. In my fervour  to clean up out there, I accidentally chopped one flowering stem off:-(
As well as garden photos, I have been in the wood behind us photographing mosses and wildflowers and tree twigs! Here are a few...

More bloodroot
Tiny exquisite mosses and ...
Manitoba Maple.... 
and some sort of willow
It has been a busy week here in our house. In case I never mentioned it before ;-)- I LOVE SPRING!

On that cheery note, I shall post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com, suggest you check the site out and see what our fellow fibre artists are up to - and if you like photos, check out "rtquilter on Flickr" too.


  1. It's really starting to look like a hosta. It's very impressive.

  2. Send the message to the Manitoba maples that they are behind! :( Looking good!

  3. the awakening garden is always so exciting. Beautiful pictures and your Hosta is coming along beautifully

  4. I love the pictures and plants of your garden. My white bleeding heart is doing great and many people comment on it, but white blood? hmm. Just wondering about the size of the hosta piece you are working on, it is looking great.