A Little Bit of Progress

It has been a LONG , busy week so not much has been accomplished but I am making some progress.
We have had a lot of appointments this week so time has been scarce. I HAVE, however , made a meagre start on the green piece ( that is different than Green Peace!)
How exciting is THIS??? - Not very but it IS the background fabric, a tad wrinkly.
I HAVE, actually gotten a but done on the actual piece- still not very exciting, but definitely a start.
You MIGHT recognize this as the top of the picture. I intend to do this top and left side first. I am looking forward to stitching this one. I think I will have FUNNN!
Out to a medical lab today for DH and I found this wall. I like walls and fences and doors/portals. This one is interesting!
Kind of cool. Before I finish this post I will dig out a couple of other photos of walls that I like. May do a little series with them. Aren't you glad you don't get invited over for dinner and a picture show at OUR house!!!! Yikes!
And here are a couple of other door/portal/walls that I love and that I may well use as a wee series.
View from the door of a barn on High Tirfergus farm

A gate to nowhere at Saddell Abbey

The house door at High Tirfergus Farm
I am going to post this now as we have a weekend of company this weekend after a VERY L O N G week of medical appointments! Enjoy your weekend.


  1. LOVE the host start !! It will be fabulous !
    We must be very much alike in our likes .. I love old doors, windows, rock walls and portals ! I collected a lot of them in my 'favourites' on Flickr ... haven't been there for a while, a quick visit might be in need !

  2. damn computer ... won't let me write hosta

  3. I too like your start on the hosta piece...and your various portals. That door was indeed an interesting find. :-) Have a good week!