Making progress

This is a slow slog! I have a vision in my little brain  but it is not really a concrete vision anywhere just yet so it is tough. LOTS of trial and error.

I am working on the background now, having got the foreground MOSTLY as I want it. I may have to have a little dye session as I seem not to have quite the right greens. There will be more of the "willow" branches but I wanted to leave them out for the moment until I get the background bits in and ironed. Here is where I am at the moment. It may change in the cold light of dawn :-)

Here we were at the start of the evening. 
And here is the start of some bits of background detail.

I am still not happy with the smaller hydrangea head-on the pink side in the second row back. They begin to look a bit like roses. I will have a go at making little irregularly shaped patches to suggest florets.

I need to try to find or make some soft cool green  for a few suggestions of bushes in the big gap above the blue hydrangeas. THEN, the willow can go back on in front to them. BTW, the colour in the last photo is way off. My white balance was set for automatic but this was taken under artificial light and apparently "automatic" does not do a good job with that. The colour in the first pic is much better.

I will post this tonight but tomorrow, at the appropriate time, I shall post it to the I hope you will drop in and enjoy everyone's posts this week!

....And a little addendum-
This is where I finished up tonight- well, I fixed that one purply pink hydrangea head that has a sort of "outline"
I THINK I may be ready to layer but will see tomorrow!


  1. The colouring in the first picture is wonderful!

  2. It is always more difficult when I try to do something from a picture in my head and not a real picture.
    I'm going to have to check the book on my canera to see if I have the white balance adjustment. I have a good camera but there is so much I don't know.

  3. When I look at the picture from the 27th and look at what you have now I'm amazed. It's going to be beautiful:)

  4. I think it is coming together beautifully, but I have my own picture in my head!

  5. It is indeed lovely...but I am wondering if it is a bit too "symmetrical" (top to bottom)...Sorry I can't be more articulate...