First Poppy!

I have ALMOST finished my first big poppy! We were at Quilt Canada this morning- in the pouring rain! Congratulations to all those involved- winners and everyone. Great effort and lots of inspired work.

I started this last night but ran out of good light for choosing colours so I had to stop. Anyway, apart from a couple of small amendments, I THINK this one is done. I have some work to do on the underside of the front petal - the deep red one.
The colours are not quite true here but reasonably close. At least you get the feel of the process.

I still have a LOT to do. It will keep me busy for a bit. Then, once this top is finished, I will store it and If Monet Grew Hydrangeas carefully  and layer them one at a time and work over the summer quilting them and finishing them.

We are expecting "company" later in the summer, you know :-) In light of that fact, I have some heavy  duty cleaning and reorganizing to do here. Once Poppies is done to the quilting stage, I will not be doing too much more until after the visit except the quilting of these two in my "spare time".
Are we cute, or what??? This was taken two days ago :-)
So, now that I have had a little sit down, back to work!


  1. Ooh, you have depth happening there. And in your poppies, too! ;)

  2. Oh we are definitely cute! I d nit get much done with him around!
    The red poppy looks wonderfully real. You've really captured the feeling of the light and the papery thin delicateness of the the lower left petal.

  3. Oh definitely cute! Beautiful eyes. The Poppies is coming along beautifully.

  4. We are!!! And very curious to get to know the world.
    The colours of the poppies are adorable - wonderful red.