... and back to the needlework!

I have decided to do a larger version of Poppies Aglow. It will be called Poppies Aglow II! How novel, I hear you cry! I have only just begun and have been dyeing some new brilliant colours - in marked contrast to the pastel pretties from Monet's Hydrangeas.
The photo, the drawings, the enlarged pattern and some of the new fabric
I drew the single poppies in a little more detail to separate the petals to make the construction a little more realistic.

Caption not really necessary!
So now, I am underway with my poppies traced and ready to sort the colours- which will go where, and, do I need any more colours? I have lots of odds and sods but this is REALLY a bright piece !
The poppies ready to label and cut so I can start assembling

some of the new fabrics

You remember the photo?
I believe I might post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com too so you can see that I AM gainfully employed! I have not quilted the hydrangeas yet. I will get this one to the quilting stage too and then I can pick away at it over the summer. Drop by and see what everyone is doing.


  1. The fabrics look wonderful. Of course I have my own small version of this in photo form on the lovely thank you card you sent. I shall watch this with interest.

  2. Your drawings are so precise -- the perfect pattern for those fabrics. I too am amazed!

  3. So looking forward to seeing all these colors in their special places. I know it's going to be beautiful. You are so talented -- actually I want to say gifted, because it's beyond talent.