If Monet grew hydrangeas....

I have been playing with this background fabric I dyed a while ago. I picked a section of it to work with and photographed it . Then, I printed the photo to 8.5"x 11" and then I reprinted the photo on paper and drew a "garden" over top of the fabric photo.Then, with a piece of acetate over that, I traced over my little "hydrangea garden". Next, I took the acetate to my wonderful printshop to be enlarged. Well now, as you can see , I have started making some few foreground hydrangea heads. It is a trial and error kind of thing. So far , I think I am seeing what I want but there is a LONG way to go. Oh, and BTW, WHERE,OH WHERE IS MY LOVELY STEAM A SEAM??? Has anyone heard any good news in that department?

Here's the fabric I started with
My original drawing on the printed photo
Tracing of the original drawing
The acetate pattern ready for the printer to enlarge it for me.
The enlarged pattern. It is 17 1/2 inches high because the fabric is 17 1/2" wide.
I have started building hydrangea heads and trying them out on the fabric.  I think it will work if I persist!
I am going to post this on to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com And now, before it rains again, I ( and my new little pedometer) are going to squeeze in a walk!


  1. It looks like a great start. I went out for a walk before the rain started. It was hot and humid - not fun.

  2. looking very interesting! sorry, can't help you on the steam a seam situation :(

  3. Gorgeous! Did you cut out all of those individual little hydrangea blossoms? The amount of work involved must be enormous, but the end result is going to be spectacularly beautiful.

  4. This is going to be beautiful! I'm curious. Was the printed fabric serendipitous, or did you plan it for hydrangeas?

  5. I've been hearing rumbles that SAS is no more, that they weren't able to solve the problem with their paper backing. I don't know...but Along Came Quilting in Calgary bought up a *large* quantity of the SAS II Lite -- in packages -- and I bought some there May 9...I find the Pellon substitute (EZ Steam Lite) is *not* "lite" at all and sticks to anything that comes near. I threw a bunch out because it was just too hard to handle. So...contact Along Came Quilting (they have a website)...you might be able to mail order.

  6. I haven't seen any SAS for a while. I'm finding that some supplies that I could buy before and that I rely on seem to be missing around my neigbourhood these days. The replacement products are less than acceptable.