Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dreaming - in technicolour!

Look what I stumbled across while shopping the other day! Instant nostalgia :-) I was transported back to my childhood when, every spring, my Dad would buy me a NEW SKIPPING ROPE! Once in a while, he would make one for me from heavy braided cord. They were great for skipping, but my childish head thought the coloured plastic ones were absolutely TO DIE FOR! Isn't it funny how simple life was then and how the smallest thing lit our boards! Too bad children these days expect such BIG ticket toys. Here's where it is REALLY at, kids! Get a rope and SKIP :-)

The other technicolour dream came to me last night as I was gathering "concrete materials" to take with me on Tuesday next. That is the day I am to be a star of stage , screen and Television- well Kitchener's Rogers Cable, anyway. I am being interviewed in connection with the quilt show. I thought it might be interesting to take a couple of pieces of my hand dyed fabric and show what happens to it. Look what I found....


Do you not see a Monet-ish hydrangea garden in there? I do. I lay awake half the night thinking about it. I have printed it as large as I can and will overlay it with acetate and draw a pattern and see what I think. I AM a strange woman, eh!

I THINK there is just enough time to post this to the I am in a hurry. I get me new "21st century" specs this afternoon:-) They have RED temples! Wild!


  1. My really good specs (the ones I use for cross stitch) are black rimmed with red arms. I love the hydrangea fabric and congrats on being a star. I know what you mean about children these days and the big ticket items. Friends of ours have a little boy who turned 6 on Sunday and was given a tablet. To justify the purchase, the mom said it would save her phone - so he and his brother won't play games on it.

  2. OH, all those recesses skipping! Double Dutch!!! Thankfully, my grand kiddies are all about those timeless toys, well, and my art supplies! ;^) But, yes, definitely hydrangeas!

  3. I see hydrangea! Or maybe rhododendrons. This one will be inrteresdting to see develop.

  4. Love that fabric and I remember the excitement of getting a new skipping rope and red white and blue ball each spring... as well as new sneakers!! Can't wait to see what you do with that fabric!

  5. Don't you just want to put on your saddle shoes and start skipping! I see sea anemones.

  6. Oh yes skipping ropes and maybe some balls to bounce against the wall in a juggling manner. I did manage up to six, but that was a long time ago. Wall space at school was at a premium. How fun for you to be a satr, but then you do not need a t.v. camera to convince me of that. You do such beautiful work.