Remember this picture?
It is a part of the centre of a stunning Pink Peony I photographed at the RBG a couple of years ago. I am working on a mini quilted version of it now, part of my 12" x 12" collection. Just started this afternoon.
Step one- lay down the substrate. I have it all covered   now.

Here is the substrate all covered , ready for detail. I have kept all of my pattern pieces and will reuse them with detail drawn on and I will cut from there. Too bad the background pink of the petals is not more coral pink. Never mind. My own peonies are sugar pink, just like this! More to follow , as and when I get it done. 


  1. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you do with this! I love the textures of the pistil and stamens in the photo, and I have no doubt that you will justice to their loveliness in your quilted piece.

  2. Yummy! You have such wonderful fabrics to strike just the right note.