Getting the crinkly crunchy

I am making good, but slowish progress with this little piece! I really want the stamens crinkly and nicely textured. To that end, I am free motion satin stitching, varying the density and the width. My machine makes a maximum 9mm satin stitch so that leaves a lot of choice. The hardest thing for me is "driving" with my left hand while I twiddle the knobs with my right. Adding to this, I feel like the knobs twiddle the wrong way- you know, righty tight, lefty loosey? Well, on my machine ( Bernina Artista 730) Righty makes the stitch wider or longer while Lefty makes it shorter or narrower! I feel like it should be the other way round! I am just an old dog and it takes me a while to catch on, but I AM making progress! Here are a couple of shots to show you what I am talking about . Remember, not finished, just started!
When I get more done , I will decide if I will completely fill some of the anthers

I think I am beginning to see the crinkly, crunchy look I want!
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  1. Then you have to stamp your foot while nodding and rubbing, I mean turning the dial! lol

  2. Your mum was left handed and I'm right handed. As a result of her teaching me to sew I tend to do a lot of stuff...even crochet and knit...left handed. It really drives me crazy sometimes....LOL

  3. Of course, you know that I am laughing about your expression "old dog......" Old dogs - mind you - know where the bone is burried, haha. But in earnest: I love what you did, as always. The colors are so beautiful that I would like to bathe in them. I wish you beautiful, sunny and warm (oh my) Easter days. And thank you for your very nice comment on my little money-monster.

  4. You made me stop and check my machine there - it seems yours is different. But even with a machine that follows the righty-tighty "rule" I avoid making changes while sewing. You manage marvelously well!