Making good progress

This is fun! I am quilting like a mad fiend and am fairly pleased do far. This is beginning to look nice and crusty. The little bits of metallic thread really sparkle it up too. I LOVE the crystalline look of iris petals. Other flowers have it too- Impatiens is one - spectacular in certain lights.

The big red petals are getting the heaviest quilting- bordering on thread painting , but not exactly.

Note the line of metallic along the orange-y edge of the petal.

Having fun with shadows and veining.

More fun with veining - reminds me of Fun With Dick and Jane! They never had THIS much fun!!!

There you are - I think the metallic shows better here.
This is an exciting project. My greatest regret is my lack of different  colour values. As soon as I am finished this, there will be a huge dyeing session! Remember, you heard it first here!

At the risk of boring people to death, I am going to post this at
There is always something interesting going on there. Check it out! 


  1. You are in the ZONE! Wonderful. And yes, it isn't work at all when you are having fun!!! Luv the bit of gold glitz!

  2. Wow, stunning textures! I especially love the fine detail on the first pic -- the big red petals. Lovely!

  3. It is amazing! The colours are so vibrant and the quilting is incredible.


  4. It's so very beautiful, Carolyn! Wow! And the textures you've achieved with the quilting are exciting!

  5. I love all the color and texture! Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful...all those little peeks are wonderful but the final finish is what I'm waiting to see:)

  7. Looking great, also looks like a ton of fun! What brand of thread do you use?