At LONG last!!!

A NEW project. I am still plugging away on the Layers piece slowly but needed a new piece to get me rolling again after Christmas and all that it entails. I am TIRED! My 70th birthday really hit home and today, I feel every single year. Never mind. I am well, happy and HERE! What more could one ask? Thank God for all of His mercies.

We had a lovely visit with our daughter and son in law this past weekend and had a wee party for them in our tiny house. It was like a church meeting here, chairs lined up in rows in the living room:-) Maybe I should have taken a collection! Guess I missed my chance. Anyway, we DID enjoy it. They came home for my 70th birthday, very very much appreciated as it is a 16 hour drive from their house to ours.

Now to this new project. I believe I HAVE shown you the photo before  but just in case- here it is. It is a very close up centre of a spectacular red and purple iris taken by me at the Royal Botanical Gardens a few years ago. I am aiming for a sort of Georgia O'Keefe effect only not so huge as her work. It will be about 24" x30", more if I decide to border it.
I have begun to choose fabrics and to see which ones I still need to dye more of. More yellows , more lighter values and more very deep purply blue for the veins.
I have further cropped the photo as I want the nicely abstracted centre of the flower for my subject. Talk about "up close and personal"!
There , you get the idea of size as it is all sitting on my big gridded cutting board, one inch squares. I will dye a bit more fabric today and then get a start. I cannot wait! I have been chomping at the bit to get creative again. Sitting about is NOT my bag. I hope to post this on the

Little addition- I have eight fat quarters batching as well as a metre of intense blue/purple on the floor in the living room. Wish me luck!
All Ziplocked on plates waiting to get nicely soaked in and melded together. Stay tuned, folks!


  1. It's huge. And it's going to be gorgeous!

  2. Love the vibrant colours of the iris !!!!
    (that will be another gorgeous piece of work no doubt !)

  3. I love your iris photo. Gorgeous colours and I can't wait to see your progress on it. A belated Happy Birthday. It was nice that you got to celebrate with family.
    My husband's 60th was on Sunday and likewise, the family all came.

  4. very impressive. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday -- and what a beautiful way to celebrate!

  6. Happy Birthday Carolyn.

    A friend just told me that 70 is the new 50 (: Besides that art is ageless. You are doing great work. I really enjoy following along. Hope you detail your procedure as you work on Layers.

  7. I love those colours! Did you dye the first set too? If so, you did a wonderful job! I really need to start dying fabric, the colours are magnificent! As for being 70, I just turned 50 and have been reflecting quite a bit, you are such an inspiration!

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  9. Hi Carolynn, finally read it! Ilike how you are planning and lucky you that your creative juices came back. Oh, 70, it is nothing. You are still young. I like your order when you are dyeing. these little bowls all in a row. The colours are beautiful.

  10. My best wishes for a happy new life year. Your project will be fantastic!

  11. Oh, Carolynn, This will be spectacular--stunning colors. It sounds like you celebrated your birthday in a joyous manner. By the way, I may be in Knoxville at the beginning of March (no firm plans yet)--any chance you'd be in the area then?
    best, nadia