At long last! I am quilting again. I have not done any for a long time now , so guess where my shoulders spent the afternoon?? Yep! Right up under my ears!! I finally relaxed just a few minutes ago but then had to stop to get dinner ready. Don't you think we all need staff - to cook and clean etc for us when we are heavily engaged in our art? Anyway, even without staff ( except DH) here are a few peeks at what transpired this afternoon with me and my Bernina and a whole bunch of pretty threads...
The very centre of the piece

One section of the veining started

All the same centre bit but different views

Bit closer

And the bigger picture
This is going quite happily. I may need to go shopping for some different threads- good excuse anyway! I am thinking of using a bit of metallic here and there- you know how iris petals look crystalline in certain lights? Maybe , if I can find a medium lilac metallic.... Stay tuned. 


  1. Yes, I do think we all need part-time staff to pitch in when needed. Some have hubbys that don't mind a bit of housework.

  2. Aside from staff, a glass of wine will bring your shoulders down from 'round your ears! ;-)

    I won't comment on 'staff'...they need supervision! LOL!

    Lovely work!

  3. Oh yes! I'm right with you about the staff!!! The perennial dreaded question of the day in our house is, "What's for dinner tonight?"
    All this work you are doing looks so beautiful. I definitely like the idea of metallic here and there.

  4. My consent to all comments!!! I can't really understand why people get hungry when I am at the sewing machine - it is the best diet - no feeling for hunger or anything else but the wish to go on undisturbed. I admit, my staff - which is DH - is working already quite a lot for me. So what is?

  5. And what I forgot to say - I love your quilting and colours - and do get some thread - it will not be in vain.

  6. Wow, it looks fabulous. I think using the velvet for the beard is perfect:)

  7. Those are some interesting colour combinations !
    I like some posts with your unique personal touches.