Basics finished- almost

I worked all day yesterday and all day today and my back is killing me . The dining room table really is too low but it is all I have. I have the basic red iris project completed except for the fuzzy yellow beard. That will stay unfinished until everything else is done as it will be the final step. As you can see from the pictures, I have made a lot of progress and am fairly pleased so far. I will be happier when more detail gets added but I AM pretty happy with the big purpley petal in the foreground. I really was just lucky with the fabrics I had. I am especially pleased with the look of the highlighting on the blue bloom on that petal.

Here is my original photo divided up into components and numbered to keep them straight

And here is my pattern drawn and enlarged by the printer

Here I have taped my muslin base in place and I will sketch my main sections. Sadly, I forgot to use a pencil instead of a dead marker so some of my guidelines show through , especially on lighter coloured areas. Pretty sure I can detract from that with stitching and some other little tricks!
There we are! Some of my guidelines sketched in 
Some of my base pieces added
Auditioning fabrics for the top right hand corner
Top right hand corner added and some detail in place
This picture is a funny colour because I stopped the camera down to use a flash. The flash washed the colours out but I hope the foreground petal shows up well enough. I am smiling about it :-) It will not change much from now till the piece is finished but the rest will morph quite a bit over the next few days.
Well, folks, it is a start but there is a LONG way to go yet. I am fired up now! Christmas, birthday all shaken out of my head and now it is full of fabrics and batting and machine quilting. There is a big spot in there for my darling kids who came home last weekend and a little spot where nasty cold weather is lurking too. Hope you are all warm, dry and being creative!


  1. Sorry, I am so uneducated in the area of anything to do with sewing. Is it going to be a quilt or some kind of fabric art? I love the photograph, the colors and the fabric, but I'm so totally out of my depth here to make an intelligent comment.Those colors are gorgeous -- and I do know a little bit about color.

  2. Wonderful piece, and definitely a lot of work done!! You deserve a hot bath with a good book and a glass of...whatever! And yes, that blue in the foreground does a great job representing that part of the iris...but there's still a hint of red in that area that needs to come through, no? Sheer/tulle overlay? Or simply thread painting...? Looking forward to seeing the next part of your process.

  3. A simply wonderful start indeed! Enjoy.