I MAY be finished with this now!

I say MAY because I want to see it in the daylight tomorrow before I decide for good. I have done a lot of metallic stitching today and stopped before dinner so I did not overdo. I THINK I am happy with it now. I introduced the reddish-purply colour over the big blue petal in the foreground and if I like it in the morning, I plan to use Elaine Quehl's instructions for doing a strip facing to finish it.
This is as close as I am to finishing now. It does not crop to 4X6 very well but you do get the idea.

Just the centre part to show some finished detail.

These  two are basically the same  but you may see one better than you see the other. There is a LOT of metallic stippling on this blue petal in Slate and Cranberry Metallic and Fuchsia Glitter thread- all Superior products

 I HAVE to say once again - and I am NOT selling it or anything like that- that Superior's Metallics and Glitter lines are marvellous to work with. I crank the upper tension back to .75-1.0 , put in a fresh #90 Titanium needle- and never have a moment's grief. It is really great stuff. I only wish you could see the shimmery flush of red  and slate across the surface of this petal better. I guess it has to be seen in person to truly appreciate it. You are all cordially invited to tea for a good look.

BTW, for the strip facing instructions, see Elaine's blog at elainequehl.blogspot.com and see the sidebar for the Strip Facing post.


  1. That is truly beautiful work. I love the colors! Will you make it into a piece of wall art? I think it is amazing.

  2. ooh! thanks for the invite! :) Amazing work and I'm glad to hear about the Superior threads and needles.