Twig Inchies

A twig of Spirea

Bridalwreath spirea twig

Twig of an unidentified shrub

My favourite! A tiny twig of a spruce tree- picea. Look at the intricate design . Very primitive structures.

Another Philadelphus twig
Here are my Twig Inchies. There is little to be said really except that you should spend time looking at LITTLE things.


  1. Great idea to use real twigs. I love your the one with the butterfly most.
    have a nice week

  2. I, too, love looking at the little, often overlooked things. So many varieties of twigs, branches, even the color green. Amazing.

    My Inchie is on my blog.

    Madeline xo
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  3. You are so industrious and creative! I like the one with the ladybug especially because the twig itself is attractive. I also like the colors of the last one. Looking forward to seeing next week's.