Sunday, 1 April 2012

River Inchies

Sunsets over a river are some of my favourite things.

Paddling down a calm river - a past joy. Guess I am a little creaky for that any more :-(

Gorgeous mountain streams become mighty rivers as they collect water from little tributaries.

Moonlight on a river is lovely- as long as your moon is not blobby!!! Sorry!

Started off as Niagara but ended up looking pretty tame . Ah, well!
In the past week, I have been up close and personal with some big rivers. I crossed the Niagara, the Ohio, the Kentucky and the Tennessee - and a whole lot of smaller ones too. Then, I did the whole trip in reverse but in the meantime, I had a lovely family visit. Here are my River Inchies-well, up there ^


  1. These are great. And I love your blobby moon!

    I think your Niagara looks a bit like my inchie. Not sure how we managed that! :)

  2. I love these because you stayed away from the blues and the green except in the last one and I just couldn't snap my mind out of the blue/green mode. The one with the front of the canoe was inspired. I just don't think creatively enough! Good stuff.

  3. Calm, exploding, meandering and at night - you've captured the river in all its glory.

  4. Great Inchies - I love the sunset over the river. I had a hard enough time coming up with ONE!

  5. These inchies are so beautiful.....I had never heard of them.

  6. You always have such a nice collection of inches each week. I love the nostalgic feel of these. They remind me of 50's landscapes. xo

  7. Oh, beautiful. I love the Niagara but the others, too.