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An Oyster Catcher making a huge racket on Kiel Beach near Southend, Kintyre.

Bluebells and Celandines in Tangy Wood, Kintyre.

Hand painted sky and water fabrics depicting a lovely sunset on the shore at Machrihanish, Kintyre.

Tangy Mill, a grist mill up on top of the seacliff at Tangy, Kintyre. McMillans worked this mill in the 1700's.

Putechan Cemetery on the shore road just north of Bellochantuy, Kintyre.Lots of ancestors buried here as well as a number of drowned sailors who washed ashore long ago!

Sunset over Jura, mostly silks and foils.

The sun broke through dense storm clouds over the mainland overlooking the Island of Aaran off the east coast of Kintyre.

The standing stones of Ballochroy high on the seacliff overlooking the Island of Jura.

Glorious textures of sand, sea and sky at Westport beach near Campbeltown, Kintyre.

Sunset at Westport beach. The tide was just creeping in and the colours and textures were fabulous!

The cup and ring marks at Achnabreck, Kintyre. These carvings are very mysterious, done between 5000 and 6000 years ago and no one has any idea why!
I have been going to do this for ages! My husband helped me to FINALLY get decent photos of the completely finished quilts from my Sottish collection. I have made a little book of the quilts with the original photos I too and used for inspiration . This is an ongoing project and I will be collecting some more photos soon to add to this quilting project :-) Hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned for more to come I hope, next fall and winter.


  1. What an amazing collection of quilts...you are such an amazing artist womanxxxxlynda

  2. Absolutely stunning work :).
    Stay inspired!

  3. Wow! You are an amazing artist. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Lovely. I really like the oyster catcher 'beach'.

  5. absolutely love them, looking forward to more. Keep up the beutiful work, it sure is inspiring! Arlene

  6. I only started watching the progress on the Putechan Cemetery piece and that turned out SO beautiful! There are so many more gorgeous works!! In a couple of months, I will be out of Friday Feature volunteers on The Needle and Thread Network. I wonder if you'd be interested?