Fire Inchies

Like a little candle, burning in the night

A fiery eye

Bring on the marshmallows :-)

Where there's smoke.....

Ready, aim, ..what a messy job!
Here are a few very quickly done Fire Inchies. Some of them are quite silly but... Sorry about the messy little pistol. I LIKE my little pistol, but not the rest of it. No time to fix it, so away!


  1. I like your different thoughts about fire and all your little inchies.

  2. The eye is fantastic! And I love the pistol too. If you really hate its surroundings you could always cut it out and stick it to another background. But I quite like it as it is.

  3. These are wonderful! I can barely get my single one done, and you made an entire series! Fantastic work, even the pistol one that you are not so sure of. Very clever, and lots of detail... Thanks for sharing.

  4. And to think that I had trouble coming up with just ONE idea! Great job on these; I think they are ALL very creative!

  5. like the eye bestxx they look as if you had funxx

  6. Your Inchies are great! I feel like I want to come over for a marshmallow cookout!

    P.S. I added a picture of the Doodle Rose piece like you asked for.


  7. Hi, Carolynn. These inchies are awfully fun! Your blue series is cool, too. I especially liked your three flower pieces--lovely thread painting. I'm still enjoying Knoxville, but leave tomorrow. It's been fun meeting artists here.
    best, nadia

  8. Hi Carolynn, I am follwing your inchies with much interest. I like that you are creating a choice of different ones. Marshmallows in the fire - what is that good for?