Makeup Inchies

Classic Kabuki makeup style

Freaky eyes!!

Another Kabuki character

Mime. Why are they always so soulful and sad>

Good advice for all :-)

One of my favourite little David Austin roses. Wish I could find one for the garden.
Maybe I will try the Kabuki style one of these days. It could get you lots of attention in the supermarket. So...maybe not!  These are my Makeup Inchies and I will post them now on Every Inchie Monday at


  1. I thought about the kiss and make-up one. Not sure what the Kabuki style is but I can probably live without it.

  2. Again great inchies, Carolynn. I like the Kabuki one, the first one especially.

  3. Kabuki's kanji characters mean sing, dance and skill so your little Inchies are a great interpretation. I wasn't sure of how to take this week's topic if it was to be a make up between romantic partners or cosmetic make up. I went the cosmetics way but yours are a (make up dance) step more. Like them, a lot.

    ~Madeline xo

  4. I love your different inchies - the sad one and the "big kiss" and the kabuki style. Did you try it out?

  5. The kabukis are a bit scary. I love 'kiss and make up' though - and the rose.