Workplace safety

I am going to attach either a link or the actual message which was kindly sent to me earlier this week from Dr Paula Burch whose area of expertise is the chemical composition of dyestuffs. I have been VERY concerned for a LONG time about the inclusion of a chemical called benzedine in dyes we use so I emailed her with a question about it. She kindly replied with a long note to answer my question . I would urge you ALL to read the email she sent me and to be very careful using dyes in your work. Apparently they are much safer now than they were years ago when I did a lot of batik, but you still need to be very careful when using them. As soon as I figure out how to connect you to the link, I shall do so. Watch this space and read what Dr Burch wrote to me. I thank her profusely for getting back to me on this very important issue.

Happy, and SAFE dyeing!

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