Friday, 4 November 2011

She is gone but not forgotten

Isn't she gorgeous!! She is called Patty's Plum but it seems her true colours do not want to show here. Imagine her with a sort of dull blueish plum bloom over the bright pink and you may be closer . I am sad that Patty has all but disappeared from our garden but hope to see her again next spring. In the meantime , I pulled this photo out to make a sample of how to make a pattern for a quilt from your own photo( or someone else's - WITH permission!) . We did this in my class last week but I took the drawings to my lovely printer. This week, I want to show people what to do if you live too far from a real print shop. Meantime , we can all enjoy Patty's Plum.Think spring.Mind you, today is exhilarating , cool, clear and brilliant sun. My walk was really invigorating today.

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